Tuesday, May 26, 2009

today and today

today was a busy day. why? i got 2 suicide subject tests. phycics and economy. no, economy isn't the one of the hardest subject. but.......... hihihi i didn't studied last night. so, i got a problem with it.
fortunately i sat with mentari, and she helped me when i went out into the dark atmosphere ha ha ha, funny :p

rain was falling. it's postponed the football match, tugasku vs GIS.
then azman hypnotized irving, fanya and kautsar. you know? like i told you before. azman can hypnotize people like rommy rafael. but not as good as rommy. poor azman (kidding).
not long afterwards, the rain had stopped.
tugasku was waiting for their opponent, GIS. but GIS didn't came. so, i didn't know how the continuation hehehe.

okay, i think that's all i need to tell you, because there is nothing special today. just......... hihihi no no, that's not a special thing. that's just a happy thing.
now i'm going to study. (oh really?) of course not HAHA. i'm going to watch movies and eat lots of chocolate.